'META-X MARKETS' CJSC was founded in 2022. The company was registered and licensed by the Central Bank of RA on December 27, 2022.

Meta-X is a professional broker-dealer and consulting firm, a new generation investment firm that plays the same role as the 'Silk merchants' (Armenian version: Metax) in the Middle Ages. Armenia has a long history as a crossroads on the Silk Road. This ancient trade route connected Asia and Europe, and passed through the Armenian Highlands, making it an important hub for the exchange of goods, ideas, and cultures. The company has inherited the best values of 'Silk Merchants' (reputation, understanding the value of the given promises) and at the same time is moving forward with a concept based on new technologies.

Our mission is to be the best intermediary, ensuring the efficient connection of investors and financial markets and provide our customers investment services in line with international standards enabling them to invest freely and efficiently around the world, obtaining maximum profitability and reliability.

The company's vision is to build 100 million USD of capital and have 500 million USD of assets under its management within the next five years. We have adopted the following values in the pursuit of our goal։ the desire to learn and develop, freedom of thought, faith in our abilities, respect and transparency towards customers, competitors, colleagues and society․ At META-X we value and encourage responsibility and punctuality, initiative, innovation and technology application for the benefit of customer convenience and business efficiency.

For the realization of our goals, we have brought together professional specialists with extensive experience in the financial system.

The company offer a variety of services to our clients, including brokerage, foreign exchange operations, securities placement, custody, and registry keeping, business consulting and research.

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