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Polices and regulations
Rules of META-X MARKETS CJSC on activities as an operator of the Unified System for Registration and Settlement of Securities
Tariff of charges for services(except services provided as account operator of CDA)_effective from 06.02.2023
Tariffs and payment terms of services provided by "META-X MARKETS" CJSC as an operator of the Unified System for Registration and Settlement of Securities
The Constitution of The Republic of Armenia
Civil Code of Republic of Armenia
Law of RA on Securities Market
Law of RA on Joint Stock Companies
Law of RA on Banks and Banking
Law of RA on The Central Bank of Armenia
Law of RA on Currency Regulation and Currency Control
Law of RA on Asset Securitization and Asset Backed Securities
Law of RA on Covered Mortgage Bonds
Law of RA on Financial System Mediator
Law of RA on Combating Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing
Regulation 4/01 (Registration and Licensing of Investment Companies)
Regulation 4/02 (Main Prudential Standards of Investment Companies)
Regulation 4/03 (Reports Submitted to the Central Bank by Persons providing Investment services)
Regulation 4/05 (Qualification of Managers of Persons Providing Investment Services)
Regulation 4/06 (Criteria for Certifying as Qualified Investors and Procedure on Registration of Qualified Investors)
Regulation 4/07 (Requirements on Investment Services Providers’ Activities)
Regulation 4/11 (Requirements for the Entity Implementing Audit of Financial and Economic Activity of Investment Firms)
Regulation 4/12 (Rules on the Protection of Customers Funds of Investment Service Providers)
Regulation 8/03 (Information Publication by Investment Companies)
Regulation 8/04 (Minimum Conditions and Principles for Internal Rules, Regulating the Procedure of Examination of Complaints/Claims of Customers)
Regulation 33 (custodial activities in securities)
Stock exchange and Central depository rules
Exchange Rules
Rules of the RA Central Depository