Business consulting


Why UAE ?

It is always sought-after place to set up business. The strategic location, tax benefits, a stable economy and governance all provide a clear reason to pursue entrepreneurship here. Add to it the regular introduction of new reforms that benefit businesses, the UAE becomes more lucrative for conducting business.

Our team is packed with a set of farsighted business setup consultants, seasoned lawyers, agile PRO executives, offshore personnel, and operations staff, all set to deliver tailor-made consultation and related services.

The Wide range of services that we offer includes all 7 emirates and zones.

What we offer?

  • Business Consultation
  • Document Preparation
  • Mainland, Free Zones and Offshore Licenses
  • 100% Foreign Ownership and Local Partner
  • Local Service Agent / Sponsor
  • Dedicated Account Manager 
  • Company Stamp
  • Consultation with Our Certified Tax Expert
  • Company Immigration Card
  • Investor Visa 
  • Bank Account Opening Assistance
  • Dedicated Company P.O Box
  • Company Registered Address
  • Company Labor Card
Business consulting